Keweenaw Mineral Days


to help you have an enjoyable week.

Safety is always first!

All collecting requires safe practices and use of common sense. At all times maintain awareness of yourself and your physical surroundings. Stay off the steep slopes and loose rock. Follow instructions of the trip guides. Be mindful of others collecting in your area .

Safety glasses are required!! Rock chips can fly a long way so you are just as likely to be struck with a chip from another as you are from yourself.

Work gloves, full-length jeans, and supportive footwear are a good idea.

A rock hammer and 5 gallon plastic bucket are essential items. In addition, to the rock hammer a chisel comes in handy too for breaking rocks. The bucket is an easy way to carry your specimens, but an old backpack will work too.

Water for cleaning specimens is a good idea as newly exposed rocks are coated with “muck.” A small spray-bottle of water and/or a container of water will work.

Bring a metal detector for copper collecting or arrange to rent one. With the prepared rock piles the newly exposed rock is very dirty. We strongly recommend you have a metal detector for copper collecting. However, there is no substitute for your eyes and some find equal success without a metal detector. Metal detectors are of NO value when looking for datolite or greenstone.

Carry drinking water with you on EVERY field trip. Plan your water containers before you leave home. Bring more than you think you will need, as rock piles can be quite hot.

Bring a variety of clothing. Field trips proceed as scheduled, rain or shine. In the past, we've had weather with sun and near perfect temps around 75 degrees to sunny with extremely hot temps from 90-105 degrees, to fog and rain with cold temps of 40-50 degrees. Weather is affected by Lake Superior and is less predictable than elsewhere. If it does rain, at least it will wash muck off of the newly exposed rocks.

Black flies and mosquitoes are usually not too bad by August, but a can or bottle of insect repellant in your vehicle is recommended. Bug nets are usually not needed but can be purchased locally.

Sun should be a concern too all as most rock piles have no shade!! Sunglasses, a head covering, and sunblock are recommended.

Bring or plan on purchasing packing materials to get your treasures home intact. Paper, paper towels, toliet paper or dry cleaning (plastic) bags work well. Newspaper is good for larger specimens. Plan on boxes to store your specimens.

Causal dress is appropriate for everything.


If you attend and have more tips please do let us know so we can make this list better.


Updated May 13, 2016

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