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Member Recognition in the Museum

Although many museums do not allow names on cases, the A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum recognizes certain levels of membership with names on cases. A listing of exhibit cases available for member recognition and the minimum level of donation is available upon request. Selection of an exhibit case for your name is first come first serve and your name can remain on your chosen case as long as you renew your membership before it expires. While an annual donation is required to be recognized on an exhibit case, you will continue to be recognized on the museum's "Wall of Fame" near the entrance to the exhibit hall. The membership year begins bi-annually November 1 and May 1.

Keeping one’s name on an exhibit case in perpetuity requires a substantial donation to “endow” the exhibit case, thereby providing an equivalent stream of income in perpetuity. 

Those who had their names on a case in the museum’s old location will be recognized in our new location on our “Wall of Fame” near the entrance to the exhibit hall.


Gold  Level Supporters
Farnum, Lawrence & Jeanne Seaman 2011-12
Farrell, Daniel & Jolayne 2011-12
Guarnera, Bernard & Laura 2011-12
Hammond, Cory & Angela 2011-12
Hird, James 2011-12
Roberts, Ellis 2011-12
Seaman, John & Phyllis 2011-12
Webb, Benjamin & Emily 2011-12

Silver Level Supporters
Balogh, George & Terri 2011-12
Corliss, Stuart Easton 2011-12
Michigan Mineralogical Society 2011-12
Salotti, Tiger 2011-12
Shelton, William 2011-12
Panek, Louis & Christine 2011-12
Snyder, Virgil & Margaret 2011-12

Copper Level Supporters
Billings, Jim & Mary 2011-12
Boissevain, Paul & Margi 2011-12
Brooks, Elwood & Della 2011-12
Casler, Susan 2011-12
Hall, Daniel & Joanne 2011-12
Irons, Kerry & Mary 2011-12
Jones, Stephen D. 2011-12
Lietz, Randy 2011-12
McGinn, George & Lenore 2011-12
New York State Academy of Mineralogy 2011-12
Rose, William & Nanno 2011-12
Schueller, Deborah 2011-12
Snyder, Doris 2011-12
Tahtinen, Dale & Alice 2011-12



Gold  Level Supporters
Barlow, Dr. John F.  
Cole, Tom & Donna  
Farrell, Daniel & Jolayne
Grasseschi, Robert & Susan  
Guarnera, Bernard & Laura
Hird, Horace & Gertrude (in memory of)
Hird, James W.  
Laczynski, Edward & Jean  
Lamey, Carl & Lucille  
Michigan Mineralogical Society  
Moretta, Arthur   
Nikischer, Tony & Karen 
Ondraka, Joe & Ann
Salotti, Beverly 
Seaman, Jack & Phyllis
Shelton, William
Superior National Bank
Tislar, William & Catherine
Upper Peninsula Power Company
Webb, Benjamin
Wilson, Mark & Debra

Silver Level Supporters
Billings, Alan J (in memory of)
Billings, James
Brooks, James & Constance
Cole, Tom & Donna
DeCleene, Nathan
Dietrich, Dr. Richard V.
Farnum, Larry & Jeanne Seaman
Guarnera, Bernard & Laura
Hammond, Cory & Angela
Hird, James W.
Knowles, Dr. & Mrs. David
Lieber, Dr. & Mrs. Werner
Midwest Mineralogical Clubs
Olsen, David & Nina
Panek, Louis & Christine
Procunier, Patricia (in memory of)
Rohrer, Marg
Rose, William & Nanno
Salotti Family
Seaman, J.C. (McKinlay) (in memory of)
Shelton, William & Linda Jensen
Snyder, Doris
Sukow, Wayne
Tahtinen, Dr. Dale & Alice
Vader, Alice
Wilson, Chester & Anne
Wolfgram, Patricia


Gold Level
Dorthy Barlow (in memory of)
Tom and Donna Cole
John Gransen
Joseph and Anne Ondraka
Charles Salotti (in memory of)
Marc and Debra Wilson

Silver Level
David and Shirley Knowles
Werner and Heidi Lieber
Arthur Moretta
William and Nanno Rose
Alice Vader

Copper Level
Dr. and Mrs. Duane Abata
Mike and Pam Basal
Dan Behnke
Charles and Margaret Collins
Stanley J. Dyl II
Joes and Sharon Fox
Cal and Kerith Graeber
Norm and Joyce Hanschu
Allan and Mitzi Johnson
Peter and Diane Kuzara
Ross Lillie
Gerald and Chris Lukach
Ed and Nina Nadgoryny
Dave and Nina Olsen
Quincy Mine Hoist Association
Peter Richards
George and Susan Robinson
Lawrence Robinson
Marg Rohrer
Tom Rosemeyer
Don and Mary Schuder
Wayne Sukow
Jim Vivian
Chester and Ann Wilson
Jean Petermann Zimmer

Crystal Level
Loyal Bacon
Charles and Debra Bagneski
Robert J. Barron
James Brooks
Shawn Carlson
Wesley May
Ray Demark
Carl Francis
John French
Robert and Gerry Gallun
Mr. & Mrs. David Hendershot
John A. Jaszczak
Helen Johnstone
Mary Knecht
Jay Lininger
Gary Campbell and Haiyan Lu
Lawrence and Virginia Maltby
Dr. Paul Moore
Wayne and Laura Pennington
Pat Procunier
John Rascona
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Scalisi
Roland and Doris Snyder
Earl Tennenbaum
Harry and Aili Vaughan
Michael and Merideth Wertheim
Lester Wilson
Heidi Zook


Updated July 6, 2012





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