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The A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum is installing a Great Lakes Garden. The garden will contain rocks from the Great Lakes region among plants and flowers. The rocks will be organized into three areas corresponding to the rock cycle: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.

Ideal size < 100 lbs and at least about 1 by 1 foot surface area
For each specimen locality information, rock name, and your name for recognition
Email proposed contributions to so they can be posted online to avoid duplication

For more information see:

Rocks Contributed

Sudbury debrisite - contributed by ILSG Field Trip Participants
Hermon granitic augen gneiss - old Dekalb, New York (museum staff)
Marshall Sandstone - Jackson County, Michigan (Allan Blaske)
Mackinac Limestone Breccia - St. Ignace, Michigan (Allan Blaske)
Engadine Dolomite, Mackinac County, Michigan (Allan Blaske)
Grand River Sandstone - Grand Ledge, Michigan (Allan Blaske)
Gabbro - Lac des Iles, Ontario (museum staff)

Anorthosite - Adirondack Mts (Jack Berkley)
Garnet-pyroxene granulite - Gore Mtn (Jack Berkley)
Lockport dolostone (Niagara Falls) (Jack Berkley)
Gowanda siltstone - first US gas well (Jack Berkley)
Dunkirk black shale (west New York gas source) (Jack Berkley)


Email Ted Bornhorst ( to ADD a contribution to the list











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