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Supporting the Museum
How to Donate
Donor Recognition

Supporting the Museum

You can support the museum in several easy ways:

  • Make a cash gift
  • Make a specimen, collection or other useful in-kind gift
  • Encouraging others to visit the museum

Cash Gifts

Cash gifts are a great way to support the museum. Any gift may be made in memoriam, and all are tax-deductible.

You can make cash gifts two ways:

Directly to the Museum through the Michigan Tech Fund

Click Here: How to Make a Cash Donation

Keweenaw Community Foundation
The A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum Endowment was opened in November of 2004. "Its purpose is to provide unrestricted financial support for the A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum of Michigan Technological University, in fulfillment of its mission to preserve, exhibit and interpret minerals and mining heritage in order to educate people about the aesthetics and relevance of minerals to society."

Click Here: How to Make a Cash Donation

Specimen and Collection Gifts

Click Here: How To Donate Specimens

Encouraging others to visit the museum

It's often said that “word of mouth” is the best advertising. So, if you had a good time visiting the museum, encourage your friends and relatives to visit, too. Better yet, come see us again, and bring them along!