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Mission and Vision


We educate people about minerals through our collections and exhibits. 


The A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum actively and conscientiously seeks to enhance its collections and to provide continually improving exhibits that educate people about minerals and their relevance to society. We will pursue greater exposure and reputation through our collections, exhibits, scholarly activities, and outreach. We will promote our stature as the premier mineral museum of the Great Lakes region and the official mineral museum of the State of Michigan. The museum strives to be nationally and internationally recognized in support of Michigan Tech's mission, vision, and goals.

Goal 1—Enhance the quality, depth, and breadth of the museum's mineral collections.

1.1 actively manage Michigan Tech's mineral collection following well established procedures.

1.2 actively manage the University of Michigan's mineral collection under the Michigan Mineral Alliance.

1.3 actively acquire high quality specimens for Michigan Tech's mineral collection through donations, trades, and highly selective purchases.

1.4 properly conserve collection objects and their associated documentation to preserve and assure their usefulness for future generations.

1.5 maintain an emphasis in the collection on the Great Lakes region while expanding worldwide coverage.

Goal 2—Continually improve the museum's exhibits.

2.1 improve educational and public experience of exhibits in the Thomas D. Shaffner Exhibit Hall.

2.2 maintain satellite exhibits in the Great Lakes region.

2.3 develop exhibits for selected regional, national, and international mineral shows.

2.4 improve the content of the Phyllis and John Seaman Garden and the Copper Pavilion.

2.5 create exhibits that are innovative and encompass a variety of learning styles.

Goal 3—Enhance the museum’s reputation.

3.1 continuously improve the museum's collections and exhibits.

3.2 insure that exhibits are of highest quality.

3.3 pursue scholarly activities that lead to publications in recognized mineralogical and geological literature.

3.4 provide satellite exhibits at remote locations in the Great Lake region.

3.5 develop public awareness through the museum’s website and other relevant media.

3.6 enhance the museum's exposure through increasing visitation and participation in outreach activities.

Goal 4—Support MichiganTech.

4.1 provide an inspiring, aesthetically pleasing, and welcoming educational exhibits that demonstrate the exceptional quality of Michigan Tech.

4.2 strive to enhance the reputation of the museum and thereby Michigan Tech.

4.3 continuously improve the recognition of the museum's collections.

4.4 support the educational and outreach activities of Michigan Tech.

4.5 develop and enhance sustainable financial resources.