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Garden Theme

The rocks scattered through the garden are from the Great Lakes region. They are organized by the three major types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic in distinct areas of the garden. The garden includes a few unusual or unique rocks.

You can learn more about the organization of the rocks based on the rock cycle in the rock cycle simplified document.

Rocks, aggregates of minerals, are not the emphasis of exhibits in the main building of the museum. They are often not as visually stunning as minerals and are not generally sought by collectors, as individual minerals in rocks are often too small to see without a magnifier.

The plants are not geographically restricted. The organization of the plants in the Phyllis and John Seaman Garden continue to evolve into focus areas.

Both the rocks and plants on exhibit are in the process of being labeled.


Rocks are combinations of one or more minerals and make up the solid Earth we live on. The study of rocks is called petrology and is important to understanding the Earth.